Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Learning Ethical Leadership

Tauber's Leadership Forum 2016
by Bevin Mathew

Leadership Forum 2016 was held March 30th, an ostensibly spring evening.  This annual Tauber Institute event brings together exemplars from industry to share their experiences with the Tauber students.  As in recent years, the theme for the discussion was centered on ‘Ethical Leadership’.  


The panel was comprised of David Behen (Director, DTMB and CIO, State of Michigan), Richard Goetz (Senior Counsel, Dykema), Roger Kallock (CEO, Chagrin Consulting Associates), Dug Song (CEO, Duo Security), Prof. Marina Whitman (Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan).  

The evening started off with a 5-minute ‘mini-course’ on Business Ethics by Prof. Norman Bishara, the moderator for the evening.

Following Prof. Bishara’s brief presentation, each panelist provided examples from their professional lives that highlighted the need for ethically mature professionals.  The panel discussion then focused on certain pre-decided relevant topics. Among key issues discussed were the panel’s views on the ongoing debate regarding prioritizing between privacy and national security, and the topic of corporate lobbying.

Ethics in Business 

Perhaps the topic that intrigued the students the most was the matter of bribery when it comes to operations in countries with bureaucratic barriers.  In a time where stories abound of highly educated professionals destroying their careers by making the wrong decisions from an ethical viewpoint, the Leadership Forum went some way in equipping the Tauber students with an ethical compass of sorts before they dive into the corporate world again.

The evening ended with a reception at which the students got more opportunities to interact one on one with the panelists and also with some of the Industry Advisory Board members in attendance.

Bevin Mathew

After having lived most of my life in the Middle East, I moved back to India for my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation, I joined Toyota India where I spent a very enriching 2 years and progressed to Senior Officer before taking a break to come back to school. I'm really excited at the opportunity to help my peers and hopefully impact future Tauber students by serving on the Tauber Student Advisory Board. Read his full profile here.